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Victorian Banquet c1890 peach


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Hi Kaye -

I received the lamp - it looks great (and works beautifully, too - though too hot here to really use until September/October).

I also have shipped you fonts for repair (going out at the end of the day today). I'm sending you 3 fonts - a Juno, a Rochester and another  Miller Empress #3 that I have owned for many years.

  • The Juno has a leak around the turner. You'll see that it was repaired somewhat haphazardly years ago, but it needs another, better repair (and further checking for leaks where  the turner connects with the font.

  • The Rochester leak appears to be around the base - where the pedestal connects to the font. Oil collects in the "drip pan" underneath.

  • The Miller Empress has a leak on the side of the font. I've attached a white dot where the leak is. It appears that it's had several similar leaks that were repaired before I bought it.

I'd appreciate - if possible - if you, as long as you have them, would check for any other leaks or potential problem areas that can be fixed.

Each lamp was packed separately, so there are 3 tracking numbers. The lamps are being shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS).

And thanks again, very much!





Eric synder