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Bristol and Bath Antique Kero/Oil Lamps

Perth’s largest collection of Antique Oil  Lamps, Kero/Oil Lamp Glass  Shades, Kero/Oil Lamp Glass Chimneys, Oil Lamp Wicks and Mantles, Quality Lamp Oil and Oil Lamp Parts. We stock Aladdin, Hinks, Kosmos, Duplex, table, wall or hanging lamps. Bristol and Bath Antique Kero/Oil Lamps  offers to the collector, enthusiast or anyone just looking for something different.

If you are searching for Aladdin, European or American oil/kerosene lamps, kero/oil lamp shades, kero/oil lamp glass chimneys, kero/oil lamp wicks, kero/oil lamp mantles, kero/oil lamp burners, kero/oil lamp shade ring holders, cast iron bases, fonts, burners, collars, flame spreaders, shade tripods, glass or parchment shades and plain or scented lamp oil, you can find it all right here in Perth, Western Australia.

Restoration and Repair

Antique Oil Lamp Restoration

Bristol and Bath Antique Oil Lamps offer a  full antique lamp restoration and repair services for all your old oil/kerosene and pressure lamps. Honest service with free quotes available on all oil/kerosene lamps left for inspection at our Greenwood location. 

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After breaking the glass shade on an old oil lamp we own.  We trudged around all the antique shops for many months to no avail and with what seemed to be no hope of ever replacing it.

Luckily for me I came across Bristol and Bath Antique Oil Lamps on the internet and discovered they were local.

I made an appointment with Kaye and was totally blown away at the range of stock they have – everything you can imagine to do with oil lamps, every colour, shade, wicks, parts, fragrant oils – you name it.

Not only did I find exactly what I was looking for but it was a pleasurable experience dealing with Kaye who was so friendly and sent me away with heaps of helpful tips. The range is fantastic and I would highly recommend making this your first stop.

Bristol and Bath shed new light on friendly old fashioned service!!