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About Us

Bristol and Bath Antique Kero/Oil Lamps is based in Greenwood, Perth, Western Australia and specializes in Antique Oil Lamps , Reproduction Oil Lamps, Kerosene Pressure Lamps,  Oil Lamp Shades, Oil Lamp Glass Chimneys, Oil Lamp Wicks and Mantles, Lamp Oil, Kero/Oil Lamp Shade Holders, Tripods and Galleries, Kero/Oil Lamp Burners, Oil Lamp Parts, Kero/Oil Lamp Restoration, Repairs and Service.

Established in 1996 we have been collecting and restoring Antique Kero/Oil Lamps for over 20 years. Due to public demand we now have the largest collection of Antique Kero/Oil Lamps, Kero/Oil Lamp Shades, Kero/Oil Lamp Glass Chimneys, Kero/Oil Lamp Wicks and Kero/ Lamp Oil for sale in Perth, Western Australia. Along with Oil/Kerosene Lamp Restoration, Repairs and  Service we stock everything you need to keep your Kero/Oil lamp burning brightly.

We are happy to help with any enquiries regarding your kero/oil lamp.

For quality customer service, kero/oil lamp restoration, pressure lamp repairs, kero/oil lamp shades, kero/oil lamp glass chimneys, quality lamp oil, kero/oil  lamp parts and other accessories, please contact us.