Bristol and Bath Antique Kero/Oil Lamps is based in Greenwood, Perth, Western Australia and specializes in Antique Oil Lamps , Reproduction Oil Lamps, Kerosene Pressure Lamps,  Oil Lamp Shades, Oil Lamp Glass Chimneys, Oil Lamp Wicks and Mantles, Lamp Oil, Kero/Oil Lamp Shade Holders, Tripods and Galleries, Kero/Oil Lamp Burners, Oil Lamp Parts, Kero/Oil Lamp Restoration, Repairs and Service.

Established in 1996 we have been collecting and restoring Antique Kero/Oil Lamps for over 20 years. Due to public demand we now have the largest collection of Antique Kero/Oil Lamps, Kero/Oil Lamp Shades, Kero/Oil Lamp Glass Chimneys, Kero/Oil Lamp Wicks and Kero/ Lamp Oil for sale in Perth, Western Australia. Along with Oil/Kerosene Lamp Restoration, Repairs and  Service we stock everything you need to keep your Kero/Oil lamp burning brightly.

We are happy to help with any enquiries regarding your kero/oil lamp.

For quality customer service, kero/oil lamp restoration, pressure lamp repairs, kero/oil lamp shades, kero/oil lamp glass chimneys, quality lamp oil, kero/oil  lamp parts and other accessories, please contact us.





Please be advised that we will be closed for the Christmas and New Year holidays, commencing 13th December 2017 up to and including 13th January 2018. Please get in early for your holiday requirements. Dismiss